About Sameer Grover

Sameer Grover (1980-2011) was an author, poet, teacher, and lover. He was born in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. He studied English, mathematics, and religion at McMaster University, Canada and education at The University of Auckland, New Zealand. Sameer Grover wrote two books. The Prince and the Potter is his first novel. Prince and the Potter has now been translated into Hindi as Rajkumar aur Kumbhakar.  It is available from Atma Ram & Sons, 1376, Kashmiri Gate, Delhi – 110006 (atmaram_books@hotmail.com). Sameer’s latest book is Reflections on Solitude and other Essays. Sameer also made several videos Here are a few videos we think you will like: Sameer’s poetry videos are listed below with more to come. The poetry is written by Sameer (sometimes with others) and narrated by Sameer or his friends. Click on them to watch.

Hindi videos with English subtitles

MathStories4u.com  contains math stories to create and increase the interest of students in Math.  It has been set up on fond memories of Sameer Grover.  It contains about 80 stories for Arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and calculus.

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