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लोहड़ीयोग और गुणा 

Bharat Milap: भरत मिलाप  (रेखागणित)

Christmas: Twelve Days of Christmas (Algebra)

Joey’s Christmas And Corona Lockdown, Christmas and Appu Patel (arithmetic)

Daffodil Festival: Daffodil Parade in Washington state, USA (Geometry)

Diwali: दीपावली. तानिया का सुहावना सपना (अंकगणित)

Easter: Easter Celebrations (algebra), ईस्टर का त्यौहार (बीजगणित)

Father’s Day:  Mother’s Day (arithmetic) Trendline of Mother’s Day Expenses (calculus)

Halloween: Halloween (arithmetic)

Independence Day (India): Independence Day (arithmetic),स्वतंत्रता दिवस (अंकगणित)

Mother’s Day:  Mother’s Day (arithmetic), Trendline of Mother’s Day Expenses (calculus)

Raksha Bandhan: Sonia and Veeru (Geometry), सोनिया और वीरू, रक्षा बंधन (रेखागणित)

Superbowl: A super bowl commercial (arithmetic)

Thanksgiving: The Cheerleader’s Dilemma (arithmetic)

Valentine’s Day: Mother’s Day (arithmetic), Trendline of Mother’s Day Expenses (calculus)

Vijaydashmi: The Monster With Ten Heads (arithmetic), विजयदशमी (अंकगणित)

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Most Popular Stories Sara Loves Nana (1511), दादीमां की लम्बी कहानी (1417), Sonia and Veeru (678), Johnny’s New Bike (920), Posters and Ice-cream (673), Connaught Place -1 (627),Tea stall on Roadside in India (615),Rania Ali (381),  Playing Catch (336),  Love Birds Stroll To The Water Tank Tower (426), The Weyburn Girl  (331), Taheen’s Graffiti (298), Pizza (298),

Total: 29608 from 113 countries, India (47%), USA (26%), Canada (11%), Philippines (4.6%). 

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About the stories – overview and inspirations

भूमिका – संक्षिप्त विवरण, कहानियों के प्रेरणास्रोत

हां, एक नया प्रवर्ग भी इस सूची में है –  समीर के लेखन  (sameer’s writings)

Sameer Grover had published two books.  First was Prince and the Potter and its Hindi translation was published by Atma Ram and Sons (1376 Kashmiri Gate,  Delhi, India). The second book was Reflections on Solitude.  It was a collection of stories and essays.  I have translated chapters from this book into Hindi.

These appear here as समीर के लेखन (Sameer’s writings)

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