Sonia and Veeru


Introducing Sonia and Veeru

Sonia is the daughter of Vidya and Sonu Bansal.  Vidya and Sonu had decent jobs, and they had a daughter two years after their marriage.  They named the daughter after her dad and called her Sonia.  Vidya, Sonia, uncles and grandparents all loved Sonia.  She went to junior kindergarten, kindergarten and would now go to her grade one.  Sonia had lots of friends in the neighbourhood.  About two years ago she was told that she was going to be a big sister.  Soon her brother was born.  Before anyone could name the boy, Sonia started calling him Veeru.  So that became his name, at least at home.  Sonia loved playing with him.  Veeru was also closely attached to her.  In fact some family friends say that he started to say Sona before he learned to say mama.  Sona – that’s what he used to call her.  They played together.  Sonia was not only affectionate to Veeru but also very protective of him.  She would always be concerned that he might get hurt.  She would get mad if even her mom Vidya scolded Veeru.  Now at the age of 18 months, Veeru did a lot of exploring as he ought to. This was one of those days.

Look what Veeru did

When Vidya was in the kitchen, Veeru found a notebook.  He opened it and started stabbing it with a pen.  Sometimes he would put scratches on it with the pen.  It was one of Vidya’s notebooks and she got angry at Veeru when she saw this. She started scolding him loudly. Sonia came running when she heard her mom yelling at her brother.

fig.g1            Veeru was scared but he clung to Sonia when she came.  Sonia asked Vidya why she was scolding her little brother.  Vidya showed her what Veeru had done and then went back to the kitchen.  Sonia gave Veeru a big hug.  Then she started talking to him.

Sonia:  In school we started learning about planes, points and lines.  A flat surface like the page of a notebook or the floor is called a plane.

Veeru: Pane.

Sonia: When you make a sharp mark on a plane, it is called a point.  Point is very small.

fig.g1bVeeru pointed to some of the marks he had made on the page and made a sound as if he was saying point.  Then he put his finger on a long mark he had made.

Sonia: In school they told us that a line is something that can connect points.  It is longer than a point.  Here, I will make a line in my notebook.  I will use a ruler and connect these two points.  This is called a straight line.

Veeru came running to Sonia making a straight line

Veeru got the idea.  He got up and walked away.  Then he came running to Sonia and said line as if he was saying that his run was a line.

Sonia;  Yes that was a straight line.  You did not go this way or that way but came to me straight in the shortest distance.  Give me a hug.

Sonia and Veeru were hugging when Vidya came back.

Sonia: Mom, in school we learned about planes, points and lines.

Vidya: Veeru should not draw these in my notebook.

Sonia:  He does not have one of his own. I will go with dad and get him a notebook.  Maybe we could also get him a coloring book or something.

Veeru was happy watching because Sonia had said that she will get him something. Also, mom was not scolding him.

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