About the Arithmetic Stories

Arithmetic, comes into play for everyone: a farmer, a maid, a housewife, an accountant, a scientist or a politician.  Yet, it is taught as a rather dry subject.  The kids, who can tell you a perfect story or play a perfect game, may often become disinterested in this subject.  The purpose of these stories is solely to create and enhance an interest in arithmetic in young students.  The book does not replace textbooks or teachers.

Originally the stories were written for students in India but some of the stories were changed for the West. They revolve around a girl named Tanya. Tanya has a childhood friend named Tinku who is also her rival.    Tanya believes that girls can achieve anything that boys can, and scorns you if you deny it.  These stories may happen at her home with love of the family, while playing with her friends, and also in school.  Oh yes, the book contains several stories related to cricket – a sport popular in India. 

The book starts when Tanya learns that she has two eyes and one nose. It goes on to cover the essential arithmetic concepts needed for primary and middle schools. It ends with the concept of permutations written in Arithmetic terms. All the concepts are story based.  Several topics are repeated in different stories just as it would happen in life. A “Challenge” is given at the end of each story to enhance the understanding of the topic.