About Calculus Stories

There are students who get high marks in introductory Calculus because they have memorized the tables of derivatives. They have memorized that dsinx/dx = cos x but have no idea where that comes from. Yet there are students who cannot memorize the tables and do poorly in the exams. The purpose of the stories is to lay the background that differential calculus is all about slopes and integration relates to determining the area under the curve. The stories do not pretend to replace a rigorous Calculus course.
The inspiration for these stories came from Calculus By and For Young People -Worksheets© by Don Cohen (ISBN 09621674-5-2). I bought this book for my son when he was in primary school. He enjoyed the book and I was impressed how this author had conveyed the concepts.
The stories revolve around Johnny and his smart girlfriend Sara. It is a continuation of their working together in the Trigonometry and Algebra stories. Frankly, these stories are less of a romance than the Trig stories were. Happy reading.