The Great Secret

The great secret is everywhere, and resides in everything; it can be discovered in both the minute crevices and vast expanses of the universe in which we live. A caterpillar crawls towards the unknown destiny that awaits beyond the cocoon; yet, the caterpillar is perfect in the very moment it is crawling up the tree trunk; further, it has already inherently transformed itself into the butterfly which it is to become. The present state of the caterpillar and the future reality of the butterfly exist simultaneously.

The paradise that abounds in the world around us is but a mirror image of the paradise of the soul that each one of us carries within from moment to moment. This paradise of the soul can be felt in the quiet moments when anxiety has passed, like parting clouds yielding to clear skies. In the precious spaces in between thoughts, we can experience true clarity, and therein lies the great secret, to transcend the mind, and to see all things with perfect clarity. This unerring wisdom, thus, requires the surrender of the individual self to the infinite beauty of the cosmos.

Beauty cannot be captured, but is only to be experienced by the elect few, for whom such experiences are reserved, and who often make great sacrifices towards this end. How often do we aim to possess beauty, to grasp it firmly in our hands, and cling to that which is to be set free? If we view the world with a sense of equanimity, then this supreme beauty is there to be experienced constantly, it is omnipresent. To fully integrate one’s existence with this beatitude, until the fundamental unity of life is ever present, this is the great secret.