Playing With Dolls


Kate has a new doll

All four to five year old girls like to play with their dolls? Tanya loved dolls too.  Kate asks Tanya if  they could play with dolls.  Without any protest, Tanya took her dolls and their dresses in a bag and went to Kate’s house.

Kate: Tanya, see my new doll. My uncle brought this one.

Tanya: She looks beautiful.  I like the shape of her face and her sharp nose.  I like her  colourful dress.  It is really pretty.  I like the way her hair looks too.

Kate took out all her dolls and said: My new doll is prettier than all the older ones.

Tanya:  How many dolls do you have?

Eight and one make nine

Kate:  I had 8 dolls before, and now with one more I have 9.

Tanya: I have 4 dolls.  So, between us we have 9 plus 4, that makes it 13 dolls.

Kate:  I don’t know how to add.

Tanya:  Simple.  You have 9 dolls. One more would make it 10, 2 more will make it 11, 3 more will make it 12 and 4 more will make it 13.

Boy dolls and girl dolls

Kate:  I have 2 boy dolls and 7 girl dolls. You are saying that I should start with the 7 girl dolls, then one boy doll to make it 8 and the other boy doll to make it 9.  That is simple.

Tanya: I have 2 boy dolls and 2 girl dolls to make a total of 4 dolls.

Kate:  So, between us we have 2 plus 2 which is 4 boy dolls and 7 plus 2 which is 9 girl dolls (giggle, giggle). How many doll dresses do you have?

Doll dresses

Tanya: I have 2 extra doll dresses plus the 4 which are on the dolls, that adds up to  6 doll dresses.

Kate:  I have 9 dresses that the dolls have on, and 8 more.

Tanya: So here, start counting on your fingers 9 dresses plus 1 makes it 10, and keep counting until you get 9 plus 8 makes 17.

Kate:  I get it but that was hard.  Do you want to go outside and play hopscotch?


Count in the hopscotch game all different places that you can hop onto. Hop onto all of them two times and count your hops.

Solution:  Count in the stapu (hopscotch) game all the different places that you can hop onto. Hop onto all of them two times and count your hops. Note that children may draw this game differently.  Let them draw their own if they wish to.

See the hopscotch picture. It shows that 8 plus 8 equals 16.



Tania was sitting with her uncle looking at pictures of monkeys.

The first picture was a car with  25 monkeys.  She had never seen anything like this.  Then he showed her a picture of a dancing monkey.  So that made it a total of 25 + 1 = 26 monkeys.


There were 8 monkeys on a rock. One of them was a baby monkey. So that made it a total of 26 + 8 or 34 monkeys.

The last  picture had a family of 4 monkeys. So that day she had seen 34 + 4 = 38 monkeys.

She did not believe it.  She counted them all, one by one, and yes, it came to 38.

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