Virender Sehwag 219 ODI – The Match


Virender Sehwag scored 219 runs in an ODI

Mister John Smith bought a large screen smart TV for Christmas.  Of course, all the family members loved it.  His daughter in law Bhagi liked it the most because she could now record the TV programs.  On Thursday of December 8, 2011, a one day inning (ODI) cricket match between India and West Indies was to be played.  She loved to see the fast pace bowling of some of the West Indies players, and the response of the Indian players to it.  It helped that the captain of the Indian  team was one of her favourite players – Virender Sehwag.  She decided to record the whole match.

She watched the match.  India won due to a historical batting performance by the captain.  He scored 219 runs – a record in men’s ODI.  There was a buzz in the whole country.  Of course, kids also knew about it.  Tanya wished very much that she had watched the match, and mentioned it to her mom.  Tanya’s mom told her that she could have her wish come true. On Sunday, she could watch it with her friends because she had recorded it on their new TV.  Tanya was thrilled.

Watching a recorded game

Tinku, Kate and Peter came to Tanya’s home on Sunday morning.

Tanya’s mom: I will turn the TV on but first let me ask you if you know how an ODI is different from a regular cricket match.

Peter;  Aunty, we know this is a 50 over ODI.  Each team gets to bat for a maximum of 50 overs.  We also know that there are 6 balls in an over.  That means, a team has  to make more runs than the other in only 300 balls.  It is different from a regular cricket match which goes, on and on, for 5 days.

Tanya’s mom:  The captain of the Indian team is Virender Sehwag. India has won the toss and chosen to bat first.  Now, I will turn the TV on for you to watch.

Sehwag and Gambhir (another Indian batter) started batting. Tinku kept track of the scores of the players and Tanya kept writing the team score. They recorded each run. Whenever a player hit the ball to roll over to the boundary, Tinku got excited and added four runs to his score.  Tanya added 4 runs to the overall score of the Indian team. Then Sehwag hit the ball and it crossed the boundary without touching the ground.  They all started jumping because it was a sixer.  The game went on but suddenly Gambhir was out after scoring 67 runs.  Sehwag had 101 runs to his name.

The score board

Kate:  Look at the score board.  It shows 176 runs for India. Gambhir scored 67 runs and Sehwag is at 101.  The total is only 168.  Why does the board show 176 runs?  Where do the other 8 runs (176 minus 168) come from?  Tanya, you have been counting the total score.  So, please tell me.

Tanya:  The 8 extra runs are due to bad bowling. The batting team gets them but the batters do not. With 67 runs from Gambhir and 101 from Sehwag, the total score becomes 8 + 67 + 101 which is 176.

Kate:  Thanks.  Look Raina has come to bat now.

Tinku and Tanya kept counting.  They were all happy that Sehwag and Raina were playing well, until Raina was out.

Will Sehwag reach a double century?

Tinku: You know, Sehwag has been hitting lots of fours and sixes, and he has scored 81 more runs since Raina came.  So he is at 101 + 81 or 182.  He may soon reach a double century. The commentator just said that Sachin Tendulkar was the first player to hit a double century in an ODI.  Sehwag will reach this record when he gets 18 (200 minus 182) more runs. Raina also did well with 55 runs.

Tanya:  Yes, with 4 extras, this partnership between Sehwag and Raina was 81 + 55 + 4 extras which is 140.  So India’s score now is 176  from before plus 140 which is a total of 316.

Sehwag kept playing even when the next few batters were out, He had scored a total of 219 before he was out. Even after that the game went on until 50 overs were completed. Only 5 batters were out.  The screen showed the score board.  The total score was 418. It included 404 runs scored by the individual batters and 14 extras.

Kate:  Wow, I am impressed with Sehwag.

Peter:  He hit 7 sixes and other players hit none.  How many runs is 7 sixes (counting on his fingers to add)?


Tanya:  7 times 6 is 42.  There are two more important things he did. First is that he beat Tandulkar’s record of 200 by 19 runs. That record may stand for many years. (In 2014, Rohit Sharma made a new record with 269 runs). The other is that he scored more than 50%  of the team’s runs.  He has 219 runs which is 52.4%  of India’s total of 418.

Tinku: You know he hit 25 boundaries to get 100 runs, and the 7 sixes for 42.  His fours and sixes add up to 142 and his singles and doubles are only 77 (219 minus 142).  That means only 35% of his runs are in singles and doubles, and 65% of them are in fours and sixes.  I wish I could do that.

The Indian team finished batting and the West Indies team was yet to start. Cheerleaders came to the field.

Tanya:  Mom, why do they have those girl cheerleaders in the middle of the match?

Kate: Those girls like to dance and people like to watch them. You know they get paid well too. Next, you will object to all the female models and actresses.

Next, the Indian team fielders took their places so that West Indies could bat. West Indies was all out for  265 in 49.2 overs.  That meant that India won by 153 (418 minus 265) runs.

Tinku went to Bhagi and said: Aunty, we are going home now.  Please, don’t erase this game.  I want to come tomorrow after school and look at the scoreboard more carefully.  Bhagi consented to his request on one condition. They all had to come and have some refreshments before leaving.  Of course, Tinku loved this condition.


            These are partnership scores and include the extras.  Simons and Powell started batting. Find the total score after each player was out from the information below.

Simons and Powell partnership score was 13 runs when Powell was out. The total score was 13.

Simons and Samuel partnership score was 50 runs when Simmons was out. What was the total score? The total score was 13 + 50 = 63.

Hyatt and Samuel partnership score was 18 runs when Samuel was out. What was the total score? The total score was 63 + 18 =81.

Hyatt and Ramdin partnership score was 9 runs when Hyatt was out. What was the total score? The total score was 81 + 9 = 90.

Pollard and Ramdin partnership score was 10 runs when Pollard was out. What was the total score? The total score was 90 +10 =100.

Russell and Ramdin partnership score was 40 runs when Russell was out. What was the total score? The total score was 100 + 40 = 140.

Sammy and Ramdin partnership score was 5 runs when Sammy was out. What was the total score? The total score was 140 + 5 = 145.

Rampaul and Ramdin partnership score was 23 runs when Rampaul was out. What was the total score? The total score was 145 + 23 = 168.

Roach and Ramdin partnership score was 33 runs when Roach was out. What was the total score? The total score was 168 + 33 = 201.

Ramdin and Narine partnership score was 64 runs when Ramdin was out. What was the total score? The total score was 201 + 64 = 265.
Narine remained not out. West Indies had scored a total of 265 runs.  Did you get that score when Ramdin was out? yes

What was the largest partnership?  64

What was the percent score of this partnership when compared to the team total at the end?   64 x 100/265 = 24.15%

What was their partnership percent score compared to the partnership of Gambhir and Sehwag (find it in the story)? It was 64 x 100/176 = 36% which is smaller than the partnership in the story

Supplementary – Tricky percentages

On March 23, 2007, the Indian cricketar Yuvraj Singh scored 58 runs on 16 balls in a match against England.  The play included 3 fours and 7 sixes.  What was the precentage of balls on which he hit sixes ?  What was the perecentage of his score in sixes ?

Answer:  He hit sixes on 7 balls out of a total of 16.  Thus he hit sixes on 100 x 7 /16 = 43.75 % of the balls.

He scored 7 x 6 = 42 runs on sixes.  Since his total score was 58, that means he hit 100 x 42 / 58 =72.4% of the runs in sixes.

By the way, in another match in 2007 against South Africa, Yuvraj Singh hit 6 sixes in 6 balls (one over).

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