Trigonometry Stories

Johnny’s New Bike – Introduction to Trigonometry

School Quads – Assembly Hall, Science Class, Trig Class and Cafeteria – Trigonometric Functions In The Four Quadrants

Love Birds Stroll To The Water Tank Tower – Trigonometry Applications

T-Shirts For The Math Club – Pythagorean Trigonometric Identities

Sara And Johnny Visit Olivia’s School: Triangle And Trigonometric Identities

The Little Tyke’s Birthday –  Trigonometric Identities For Sums And Multiples Of Angles

The Value Of Pi –  Trigonometry For Polygons

Priya’s Geography Project: Introduction To Polar Co-Ordinates

The Fashion Show – Graphs For Polar Co-Ordinates

About The Trigonometry Stories – How and Why I came up with the stories