Algebra Stories

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Sara Loves Nana – Algebraic Expressions And Equations
Posters And Ice Cream – Algebraic Expressions, Elimination and Substitution

Easter Celebrations – matrices and Cramer’s rule

Nana Bakes Cookies – Ratios And Proportions
Sheldon And Topanga – The Battle Of Nerds – Connect Algebra, Geometry And Arithmetic

CBSE and SAT:  percentiles, mean, medium and mode

Trip To Langley Park – Geometric, Harmonic And Arithmetic Means

Twelve days of Christmas – geomeytic and Arithmetic series summation
Grandma’s Bedtime Story For Sara – Positive Exponential Functions
Cheerleader’s Sweet Tooth – Negative Exponential Functions
The Magic Carpet – Semilograhmic Paper Graph

Johnny’s Question – Logarithmic Functions
Can Smart Phone Use Enhance Academic Performance? – Quadratic Functions
Ms. Clemetine’s Assignments – Solving Quadratic Equations
Carmen’s Question – Imaginary And Complex Numbers
Sara And Johnny’s Graduation Party– Permutations And Combinations
Priya’s Homework – Principles of Probability
Sara Gets Mad At Johnny – Binomial Theorem, Euler’s Constant
Jenna and Priya’s T-shirt Shop – Major Decisions Using Principles of Probability

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