Geometry Stories

Sonia and Veeru – plane, point, line, straight line

The Weyburn Girl – plane, point, line, straight line

Playing Catch – introduction to triangle, quadrangle, polygon and circle

Rania Ali –  angle, sum of angles in a circle, sum of angles on a straight line

Taheen’s Graffiti– Parallel lines, angles: opposite, corresponding, alternate exterior etc.

Mehak and Arisha – Types of triangles, sums of interior and exterior angles

Babushka Doll – Similarity and congruence

School Anniversary – area of a triangle

Squabble In The School – areas of a rectangle, kite, parallelogram, trapezoid

T-shirt Shop – Pythagoras theorem

King Perimetras – Compare areas of triangle, square, hexagon and circle

Lalu’s Bakery – application of properties of hexagons and circles

Carlie’s Doll Dresses – application of properties of rectangle, square, triangle and cone