Arithmetic Stories

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Numbers, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

Tanya Has Two Eyes – counting from 1 to 10 using body parts.

Aunt Flora – counting from 1 to 21 using flower petals

In Tanya’s House – counting to 100, possibly 1000.

The Street Party– counting, addition of small numbers

Tanya and Tinku Play Basketball – addtion of 0, 5 and 10

Playing With Dolls – addition of small numbers

Joey’s Christmas And Corona Lockdown – addition of small numbers

Tanya’s Birthday – addition and subtraction of two digit numbers

Opa Tony – Opa is grandfather,  addition and subtraction

The Baseball Game: addition and subtraction of small numbers, inequalities

Playing With Cars – addition of two digit numbers and multiplication

Maharaja Suryaman – zero and the numbering system, place values, carry over, addition, subtraction, multiplication, long division

Thousands Of Fans In The Stadium: Multiplication, approximation

Halloween– simple arithmetic operations


English cucumber – fractions

Beautiful Angel – factors

Pizza – factors, fractions, fraction addition, equivalent fractions

Tanya’s Lemonade Stand -factors, fractions, fraction addition, equivalent fractions

Tanya’s english cucumber game – fractions, tricky summation

Tanya and Tinku Help the Hansen Family – fractions

Free Board Games for fractions and decimals


Chinese Pie – decimals

The Yellow Reaper Dragon (A British Story) – decimals

The Monster With Ten Heads – An Indian Story -decimals

The Canadian Businessman – decimals

Percent, ratios and proportions

Chinese teacher is brutal but wise – percent

Mr. Bablu Svenson – percent

Virender Sehwag 219 ODI – The Match – addition, subtraction, percent

Virender Sehwag 219 ODI – The Debate – percent, rates, ratios and proportions

Virender Sehwag 219 ODI – Talk in School – large numbers in Indian, Western and Scientific notations.

Christmas and Appu Patel – mixtures and proportions, alligation with arithmetic

Inequalities – profit and loss

Tea stall on Roadside in India – addition, multiplication, inequality, profit and loss.

Punishment for talking in class – addition, multiplication, inequality, profit and loss, social service, donation

Tanya Sells Pizza And Lemonade – profit and loss, fractions, percent

Areas and volumes

Funny Drill Period – area

The Little League Soccer Field – area

Tinku’s room – length, area, volume, inequality

Grain Storage Problem – large numbers, area, volume, density, inequality

My glass is bigger – Volume of a glass as part of a cone

Linear and exponential data graphing

Mithali Raj and Women’s  Cricketratios, bar diagram, average

Tanya’s Struggle With Cricket – addition, rates and line graph

Thanksgiving – the Cheerleader’s Dilemma – graphs, area under the curve

Fat boy Wants To Baseball – decreasing exponential function, line graph

Tanya’s Grandma Tells A Long Story – increasing exponential function, infinity

A super bowl commercial – large numbers, line graph, linear and exponential models

Mother’s Day – modeling, cause and analysis

Independence Day – permutations

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